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Crossroads : Chapter 5 - Swan Lake

For the past two weeks, Joon and Hyomin had been making headlines everyday as the newest couple on We Got Married. Their names were topping all the search engines in the country. Their first episode aired last week gained high ratings. A lot of people must have been curious to see the continuation of their love story after Idol Army. To the new couple's surprise, most of the comments left on the show's homepage were positive.

"They look really good together!"
"Picture-perfect couple!"
"This is even better than their Idol Army date!"

As Jiyeon had predicted, the public understood that the whole concept of the show was make-believe. There were still a couple of insults and bashings on Joon and Hyomin's respective blogs, which was inevitable. But they were lighter than what they had to endure a few months ago. They both could finally put their whole focus into the show and just 'act' everything out, so to speak.

The mission for their second recording was to visit each other's high schools and meet their teachers. They had to dig into each other's student life. Of course, the producers wanted to grab hold of every dirty little secret they could get from the schools. They decided to start off with Joon's school. He came from an art school where he majored in modern dance and ballet. He was one out of two guys in a classroom packed with female students. It had been ages since he last visited his school and teachers. He told the producers and his manager that he'd head there by himself early in the morning to walk around and prepare, picking out the unique spots to record.

He woke up bright and early that day, walked to the bus stop near his parents' house and took the same No. 343 bus he used to ride everyday to school years ago.

There was barely anybody when he arrived. He figured he would go much earlier in the morning to avoid creating too much hype while he walked around. He stepped through the main gate and stood still admiring the building which used to be his second home. Reminiscing the school days he kept deep within his memories, he headed straight to his favourite place ? the dance studio.

He walked in and touched the dance bar, where he used to spend hours fixing his balancing when he first started learning ballet. He noticed an old CD player sitting at the corner of the room, in the exact same spot where it had always been. His remembered his ballet teacher would leave a random CD in it so that anyone could come in at anytime and dance to whatever music that was prepared. He walked towards the CD player and pressed the ?play? button just to see what music would come on.

True enough, there was a CD in it. A familiar melody echoed through the room, a familiar tune which he used to love dancing to. He looked at himself in the mirror. His thoughts wandered as he remembered a special gift that this song had brought him to before...


Joon and Hyuna had continued seeing each other months after they'd first met. They loved spending time with each other because they had so much in common. They went through the same difficulties as young trainees from less well-known management companies. Before they knew it, sparks began to fly whenever they were together. Butterflies formed in their stomachs. They noticed that they'd fallen for one another without realising that it went both ways.

Their feelings for each other eventually became more obvious as they would ask each other out on random dates. Joon could no longer hold back this deep desire that he had for her. He finally gathered the courage to make it happen. He'd been preparing for a special event for weeks.

Meet me at our usual place tonight at 1.15am, SHARP.

Joon and Hyuna spent a lot of time together at an abandoned theatre minutes away from J.Tune building. With their passion for dancing, they enjoyed exploring various types of dance there, making full use of the huge, empty space.

One of Hyuna's fellow trainees, Yoseob, had accompanied her to the abandoned building. She was afraid to go alone at that time of the night despite knowing that Joon was there. Yoseob left after seeing her go into the building safely, smiling to himself knowing what was going to take place in that theatre.

She tip-toed in. She was afraid of the dark. She couldn't see anything at all. Her heart was pounding. She took tiny steps forward. She squinted hard and whispered, "Oppa, where are you?"

No answer.

What on earth is this oppa up to?

The usual stuffy and stale theatre felt different this time. There was a slight wind of sweetness and comfort that tickled her skin.

All of a sudden, a spotlight shone at the centre of the stage. There he was, striking a ballet pose in his ballet tights. Hyuna couldn't help but giggle. She wasn't used to seeing him - or even other guys for that matter - in such tight outfits. "What are you doing?" she shouted.

The speakers came on and a familiar tune began to play. Joon had recommended this melody to her before. It was the theme music to the ever popular Swan Lake ballet. He'd told her before that it was his favourite ballet. He and his classmates had done an amateur version in high school and he fell in love with the moves. He always told her that this dance became the essence of his character and style.

He played Prince Siegfried who fell in love with a princess, who'd turned into a swan under an evil spell. The spell could only be broken if a virgin prince swore eternal infidelity to her. The story also told of sacrificial love and how the eternal lovers shared a passionate love story even after life.

Before she could process the whole situation in her mind, Joon started dancing. She stood on the steps, stunned as she watched him. She'd never seen him performing his first love - ballet - before. His moves were smooth and mesmerising. She couldn't take her eyes off him. She felt like she was in a trance. The beautiful music completely took her into the world of ballet.

She woke up from her trance when he suddenly ran towards her and grabbed her hand. He escorted her to the stage and continued to lead her as he made her his partner in the performance. Hyuna may not be ballerina, but she adapted very well and she caught up fast. The two of them didn't say a word each other. They didn't have to. The music drowned their thoughts and senses. It was already very late into the night. But their minds and bodies forgot how tired they were after a long day of training. The music and dance brought this young pair into a different world.

Joon twirled her into a triple spin. She followed along gracefully under his lead. He stopped the moment the music ended. They both stared at each other for a few seconds. Pin-drop silence covered the empty theatre.

He looked into clear brown eyes and took a deep breath.

He leaned over and kissed her pink lips gently.

The timing couldn't have felt more perfect.

Hyuna was stunned. Her eyes widened. She couldn't tell if she was shocked or scared.

But slowly without realising, she finally gave into the moment and closed her eyes. Her heart continued to pound harder and faster than ever. She could feel Joon's heartbeat close to her chest.

Could this be my first chance at love...
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