Crossroads : Chapter 2: The feeling

Joon and Hyomin were enjoying a cup of coffee at the Lotte World Cafeteria. For some reason, they felt more awkward now than when they first went on their date for Idol Army. Joon tapped his fingers on the table out of nerves.

Hyomin noticed it and finally broke the silence. "Oppa, so how was your first MC stage today? Funny, it was our first comeback stage too."

"I was so nervous. I bet you heard me stutter countless times." He can't look straight into Hyomin's eyes.

"No, you did pretty well. It was fun seeing all the male idols as MCs." Hyomin smiles sheepishly. "I think I danced a couple of wrong steps today though."

"Really? You girls didn't look nervous at all either during your performance."

"I was extra nervous when I got the text message about tonight", butterflies formed in her stomach again as she remembered that text message.

"You got it at that time too? Same here!" Joon's expression lit up. "My heart almost flew out of my mouth! But what was the first thing that came to your mind when you read the text message?"

"Jiyeon joked around and said that it could be you because we had filmed here together before," Hyomin looked away.

"Really? Did you think it would be me too?"

"I think I had a feeling. But I wasn't sure. I was praying it wouldn't be a comedian though."

"So were you happy to see me?", Joon asked shamelessly.

Hyomin was caught off guard. She didn't remember him being so direct. "Umm... Ma... Maybe... What about you, oppa?"

"The members kept teasing me and wished it would be Juri noona. I'm glad it's not her!"

"Ah... I see", Hyomin giggled.

"We haven't really talked ever since our last um... meeting. Are you worried about it this time?"

Joon didn't want history to repeat itself. Both of them had suffered a lot of criticisms and harsh comments from each other's fans ever since their first - and only - date.

"You know how fangirls are. I just hope things would be different this time."

"Yeah. Me too. I'd hate to see curses in my mini-hompy again", Joon tried to lighten up the atmosphere.

"What do you like to eat? Maybe I can make something for you next time in return," Hyomin smiled.

"That would be awesome! I eat anything, really. I'd be happy with anything."

"Should I make the same thing for you then?" Hyomin chuckled remembering Joon?s failed attempt at making a heart-shaped rice ball.

"Hey... But you said it was nice, remember?", Joon frowns.

"Hmmm... Maybe I could make you something I learned in Invincible Youth?"

"Oh yes! Make me some sweet rice cakes. That is my favourite". Joon doesn?t realise Hyomin's eyes widening out of curiosity. "I almost drooled watching you guys make it on the show."

"Oh? Do you watch the show often?"

"Of course!" Joon replies excitedly.

"Honestly, who is your favourite on G7?"

"Not again... Come on..."

"Don't worry! I won't say anything this time. Just tell me."

Joon refused to answer the question. It wouldn't be fun to have the same thing happening again. "I'll save my answer for next time. I'll decide if I'll answer you when you make me those rice cakes."

"Hey... how can you be like that," Hyomin couldn't help showing her disappointment.

Why didn't he answer me? Does he like someone else or is he just shy to say that it really is me?

"Forget it. Let's go ice skating!", Joon grabbed Hyomin's arm and rushes to put on their skates.

Joon and Hyomin revisited their first date together at the exact same place. Both of them felt something stirring within them as they hold hands and skate.

"Wow... it feels so different skating with nobody around." Hyomin looked around, enjoying the night.

"But I miss the little kids who were with us." Joon really loved kids. "Wow, you skate really well! I still can't believe you fooled me the last time," Joon felt mocked.

"I'm sorry. But it made the show more interesting, didn't it? I wish I didn't reveal the truth at the end though." Hyomin giggled.

"Hey! Okay, okay. Should we go now?" Joon offered to send her back to T-ara's apartment.


"You actually drove yourself here for the recording?" Hyomin stared at the van. "I saw the van but I thought your manager came along."

"Hahaha. Yeah. Our manager decided to give me some room for this schedule since it's a little? different." Joon recalled what his manager had told him earlier.

"Make sure you don't tell your members and Jihoon-hyung! Here are the car keys. I better not be the lamp post later on when you find out who your WIFE is. Behave yourself. And you better take good care of the van. Otherwise you guys are taking the bus for the next few weeks!"

Joon chuckled at the thought of his manager's words. He suddenly felt a vibration in his pocket but decided to ignore it since he's still in the middle of recording.

"Why don't you take a nap for now. I think I remember where your apartment is. Seungho-hyung brought us there to visit Soyeon-noona before." Joon tried to push down the passenger seat for Hyomin but realised that this couldn't be done in a van.

"Gosh, I'm such an idiot." He mentally smacked himself for making such a stupid gesture. "Do you think you can still sleep like this?"

Hyomin found his silliness cute and amusing. "It's okay. I'm not really sleepy anyway."

Joon switched on the radio and turned to his favourite jazz channel to kill the awkward silence which had been creeping in randomly between them tonight. The music indeed helped lighten up the mood. The both of them continued chatting the whole night through.


"Hyomin-sshi..." Joon shook Hyomin's shoulder, waking her up. She had fallen asleep halfway through when Joon was talking about the days when he danced ballet in high school.

Is ballet really that boring? Joon wondered.

Hyomin jumped up instantly and wiped away the little blot at the corner of her mouth, her cheeks flushed in embarrassment. Joon secretly let out a smile.

"I'm sorry. I didn't realise I fell asleep. Thank you so much for sending me home." She grabs her things and slowly steps out of the vehicle, saying her goodbyes to Joon and the cameraman.

"Wait!" Joon remembered something. "We forgot to exchange our phone numbers. I've changed mind recently so the one I gave you the last time is no longer in service."

"You're right! I totally forgot about that." Hyomin and Joon gave each other their numbers and snapped a picture of each other.

"I'll think of a nickname for you." Joon smiled. Hyomin's heart skipped a beat as she saw his twinkling brown eyes and boyish smile.

"Hahaha! Make sure it's a nice name! I shall come up with a list of suitable ones for you too."

"Okay. Goodnight. Sweet dreams... my wife-to-be." Joon teased.

Hyomin is taken aback by his sudden attribution. "Goodnight!" She quickly ran into her apartment. She felt as though someone was watching her. She looked up and caught a few pairs of eyes staring down and her, giggling.

"Hey!" She hissed at Jiyeon and Eunjung. "Get in!!!" She turned around and waved sheepishly at Joon. She rushed into the elevator.

After seeing her in, the MBC cameraman left Joon and took off on his own. Joon finally had some time alone.

He reflected on the new beginning of his life as a celebrity. It had only been less than five months since he'd debuted as a singer but he was already someone's make-believe husband now, and with the female idol that had a scandal with a couple of months ago! He had always wondered about this show and the other couples on it, if there was a chance that they could actually fall in love with each other even though it is just for entertainment. He smiled again at the thought of having Hyomin as his wife.

But something didn't feel right. He felt confused all of a sudden.

Then, he remembered noticing he had one message in his inbox while he was taking a picture of Hyomin earlier. He checked his inbox.

Oppa... So, how was your first meeting? Can you meet me now? The usual place?

Joon stayed still for a good ten minutes, millions of thoughts running through his head.

Crossroads : Chapter 1 - It's you again

MBLAQ was in their practice room rehearsing hard for their new album. Joon was sitting alone, leaning against the mirror and checking his phone.

A PD from MBC sneaked up to him, handed him a note, and hurried off.

To Lee Joon a.k.a. Lee Chang Sun:
Congratulations! You have been chosen as the newest husband on MBC's We Got Married! We will notify you soon about where you will be meeting your wife and we will start filming the first episode then. Good luck!
We Got Married PD

"WHAT?! What is this?!", exclaimed Joon in shock.

"Why? Why???", Mir was curious.

Joon was left in confusion. "This strange cameraman came up to me with a piece of paper. And it says something about me being a husband and going a show? They even said my real name!"

"WHAT?!?!" The members are all caught off guard. They knew what this meant. "We Got Married?! It's We Got Married, right?" G.O caught the clue instantly. "Yeah. But why me?", whined Joon.

Maknae Mir responded, "This is so unfair. Cheondung hyung got a girlfriend a few days ago. Now you're gonna get married?! But did they mention who sister-in-law is?"

"No. Who could it be?"

"Wow... our muscle babo is getting married! So jealous..." Cheeky Seungho teased Joon.

"What if it is Juri noona? You know how they always say you two look good together" G.O chuckled. Joon's eyes widened in horror, "What? No way! What if it is her?!" "Then I won't be so jealous. Hahaha! But what if she is from an idol group? That would be good for us too! We get to make friends and become a family with the members." Mir's mouth broke into a wide grin.

G.O smacked Mir, "Ya! Is that all you can think about?"

Joon was still completely loss for words.

"Joon, why are you so quiet? Aren't you happy? Look at you smiling away." Seungho acted like a caring leader.

Joon forced a smile. "Uh... Ye...Yes... of course I'm happy. I'm on a new show! But I'm worried. What if it is really Juri noona???" The members smacked their foreheads in unison. "Oh my goodness..."

"Would you relax? We were just joking. And we're close to Juri noona anyway, so it's okay!", G.O calmed him down.

"Yeah. Maybe... Aaaah who could it be?" Joon's expression was full of question marks.

Mir, "So jealous..."

In T-ara members' van, Hyomin received a voicemail on her phone.

Miss Hyomin! You have been selected as the newest wife on MBC's We Got Married. You will receive more details in a few days' time. You will hear from us soon! We look forward to your active participation in the show in the future. Thank you! From, We Got Married PD

Hyomin was left speechless, just like how Joon reacted when he first saw the note.

Eunjung noticed Hyomin's expression. "What's wrong?"

"Li... Li... Listen to this", stuttered Hyomin.

Hyomin replayed the voicemail message on loudspeaker.

All her members screamed out loud.

"That is so fun!" The youngest Jiyeon was excited.

"Wow... Hyomin, another scandal for you?", teased Soyeon. Eunjung seemed more excited and nervous than Hyomin. "Who could it be? Who could it be?!"

"But... what will your dad think?", said Boram. "Remember how he reacted after your first scandal the last time?"

"Hyomin appa is so funny. He loved it so much! He was hoping to see his daughter with a guy. Now he got his wish! And with another celebrity too!". Soyeon couldn't stop teasing Hyomin.

All members burst into laughter.

"Hey! This is not funny. What am I gonna do?" Hyomin was more nervous this time compared to accepting the job as a permanent guest on Invincible Youth. "Do you think I'll be a good wife? What if I get a senior comedian as my husband?", showing her typical worried expression.

"Like Taeyeon unnie? Hahaha!" Jiyeon was really enjoying the moment.

"No way!!!", exclaimed Hyomin. She stared at her phone and prayed, "Oh God... please don't let it be a comedian!"

"If it is a male idol, make sure you buy us all dinner!", demanded Eunjung.

"But... but..."

T-ara members comforted her, "Stop worrying!"


G.O and Joon were preparing their first official emcee job at Mnet's M! Countdown.

G.O took charge as the hyung for the moment. "Don't be nervous! This is our first MC show, let's do it well!"

"I don't know why, I'm feeling more nervous than I was when we first received the news" Joon started pacing around the waiting room.

T-ara performed their comeback album's title song Crazy Because of You. There was something different about T-ara members this time round. Fans couldn't stop cheering and screaming at T-ara's fresh and sexy concept.

Hyomin received a text message backstage.

Hyomin-sshi! How was your comeback stage? I hope you weren't too nervous. We have something to keep your mind of things. Please meet at Lotte World's ice rink at 11.30pm sharp. There, you will find your new husband. Good luck!

Eunjung took a peek at Hyomin's phone.

She screamed, "Oh my god! It's tonight?! Can we please go with you???"

Boram walked over, "What is it?"

"Hyomin is meeting her new husband tonight at Lotte World!", said Eunjung.

The excited Jiyeon was at it again. "Bring us along! Bring us along! Bring us along! It's been a while since we've gone ice-skating too. Only Hyomin unnie has been there. And the last time..."

Jiyeon's voice become softer as she realises what she had just brought up and grinned.

"Heyyy... Why did they make her meet at this place again? What if it is..." Soyeon smelled something fishy.

Once again, the worried Hyomin, "No way... Not again!"

"Why? You told us you liked it, remember?", teased Eunjung.

Hyomin shouted, "HEY!!!"

"Okay, okay. I'll stop. But can we please come along? We're dying to know!" Eunjung continued pestering Hyomin.

"Please...", begged the members.

Hyomin let out a sigh. "We'll see. Why does it have to be today? After the nerves from our comeback stage, now this?" The butterflies in her stomach had not left ever since she received the text message.

"But you like it." Eunjung grinned.

"Unnie!!!" Hyomin turned red with the continuous teasing.

Joon and the other MCD Guyz closed the show. They were finally done with their first show.

Joon received a text message backstage.

Annyeong Joonie! Are you excited? Today is THE DAY. Come to the ice rink at Lotte World tonight at 11.30pm. Don't be late! Wouldn't want to keep your new wife waiting, right? Good luck!

"It's today! IT'S TODAY!" Joon can't think of anything else to say. Nerves, worry, anticipation and excitement all jumbled up in his mind.

G.O looked at the text message. "What?"

I'm supposed to meet my wife tonight!

"Wow... You must be excited!"

"I'm more nervous than excited."

"Tonight? Man, I wish I could follow you too."

"Oh, right. You're supposed to meet Jihoon hyung."

"You better do well tonight! I really hope it is Juri noona." G.O teased with a mischievous laugh.


T-ara members arrived at the Lotte World ice rink an hour early.

"I told you girls not to follow me!" Hyomin didn't want extra pressure with her members around. Soyeon munched on a bag of popcorn, enjoying their moment of freedom. "Aww... Come on... We're dying to know. And we don't have anymore schedule tonight anyway!"

"Why did you make me come so early anyway?". Hyomin was a little frustrated. "We haven't gone ice-skating for a while!", whined Eunjung. "Thought we'd use this opportunity to play for a while." "I'm too nervous to play!" The members looked at Hyomin with sympathy. "Let's go! Let's go!" Playing is all Jiyeon can think of.

T-ara members were having fun on the ice rink. They'd almost forgot about the recording.

Joon's van arrived at the entrance of Lotte World.

Soyeon quickly dragged her members away. "Hey! Hey! It's time! Quick, hide!" "Would you girls relax?" Boram was always the calm one.

Right now, Hyomin was more nervous than ever. "What to do... What to do..."

T-ara members peeked from behind the ice rink. Hyomin waited in the center of the ice rink. Her heart was beating faster and faster. Why did she feel more nervous than her debut performance last year?

Joon rushed through the door thinking he was late.

Hyomin's heart stopped beating for a second when she saw him. Her eyes and mouth wide open.

Honestly, I did wonder if it could be him because of the location we were asked to meet at. But I didn't expect it to be really him! I don't know if I'm worried or happy that it's him.

Hyomin quickly turned around to face her members, looking scared and excited at the same time.

Joon saw her in the middle of the ice rink and froze for a few seconds.

Wow... The producers really know how to do this. You really caught me off guard! I'm so happy it's not Juri noona though. [laughs] Just kidding, just kidding. But yeah. I think I'm happy that it's her. But does this mean T-ara fanboys are gonna jump on me again?

Joon couldn't helping but remember the harsh comments left by T-ara fans on his blog.

T-ara members jumped out and squeaedl.

"I told you! I TOLD YOU!!!", screamed Jiyeon.

"Wow... Is this the continuation of Lee Joon and Hyomin's story?", teased Eunjung.

Soyeon called out to Joon, "Why are you standing there? Come in!"

Joon gathered his senses and stepped into the ice rink. "Hello again".

"Hello, Joon oppa", Hyomin sounded like she's on the verge of whispering her words.

Qri teased, "What oppa, oppa? Husband! Like how Jiyeon does it in her drama, 'seobang...!'

T-ara members burst into laughter.

Joon broke into a shy smile, "I just saw you girls a few hours ago. You did very well in your comeback stage today."

Hyomin smiled, "Thank you."

"Alright. We won't stay here for long. But we're gonna give you a warning." Soyeon's voice became stern, "You better treat her well and not let her be hurt by your fangirls again! Or else I'm gonna make Seungho break your back!"

"Of course, noona" Joon answered obediently.

"Okay girls. Let's leave the new couple alone to catch up on things. I bet they have plenty to say to each other!" Eunjung grinned.

"Hey...!", Hyomin still couldn't shake off the feeling.

"Bye, Mr and Mrs Lee Chang Sun!" The girls laughed and said their goodbyes.

Joon and Hyomin waved at them, "Bye!"

Joon broke the silence, "So, what do you want to do now? Shall we go ice skating again?"

"Um... why don't we go for a cup of coffee first? I'm really cold." Hyomin had been shivering the whole night due to the cold and of course, her nerves.

"Oh, okay. Sure!"


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